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Delicious and easy to make food kits from @johngs
sizzling chilli yogurt dipsizzling chilli yogurt dip
A spicy and delicious yogurt dip with turkish pepper flakes, pine nuts, and coriander. perfect for serving with tortilla chips.
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whipped feta with spiced chickpeaswhipped feta with spiced chickpeas
A festive dip perfect for netflix and celebrations week. whipped feta and spiced chickpeas create a delicious and easy appetizer.
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chocolate peanut butter barschocolate peanut butter bars
A delicious and easy 4-ingredient recipe for chocolate peanut butter bars. made with medjool dates, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and sea salt.
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salted caramel ice cream barssalted caramel ice cream bars
Easy and delicious 2-ingredient soft serve ice cream bars covered in chocolate. a heavenly treat perfect for any occasion.
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flourless chocolate cakeflourless chocolate cake
A delicious and light flourless chocolate cake that's perfect for easter gatherings. easy to make and can be prepared in advance.
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roasted courgettes with whipped fetaroasted courgettes with whipped feta
A simple yet delicious salad featuring roasted courgettes and creamy whipped feta. perfect as a side dish for any occasion.
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salted caramel choc ice barssalted caramel choc ice bars
Delicious homemade salted caramel ice cream bars coated in dark chocolate. easy to make and perfect for a weekend treat.
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harissa mayoharissa mayo
A delicious homemade harissa mayo perfect for sandwiches and potato wedges. easy to make and packed with flavor.
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aubergine and chickpea stewaubergine and chickpea stew
A rich lebanese stew called maghmour, packed with spices, chickpeas, and aubergines. serve with rice, toast, or fried eggs.
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courgette and feta fritterscourgette and feta fritters
A delicious turkish dish called mรผcver, these fluffy fritters are made with courgettes, herbs, and feta. perfect for brunch or served with yogurt.
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sichuan chilli beef stir-frysichuan chilli beef stir-fry
A delicious and easy sichuan chilli beef stir-fry recipe made with aubergines, beef mince, and a variety of flavorful sauces. perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.
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chilli garlic pork dumplingschilli garlic pork dumplings
Delicious and easy-to-make chilli garlic pork dumplings using store-bought gyoza wrappers. served with a flavourful dipping sauce.
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thai baked chicken ricethai baked chicken rice
A flavourful and easy-to-make baked chicken-rice traybake with thai-inspired ingredients. perfect for a delicious and satisfying meal.
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creamy cajun prawn pastacreamy cajun prawn pasta
A delicious one-pot pasta dish with cajun spices, prawns, and double cream. perfect for a quick and easy meal.
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gochujang butter noodlesgochujang butter noodles
A quick and delicious noodle dish with a spicy kick from gochujang. perfect for a cozy night in watching your favorite show.
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date and dark chocolate ice creamdate and dark chocolate ice cream
A swanky and easy-to-make ice cream recipe with only 4 ingredients. perfect for serving guests during the summer season.
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