date and dark chocolate ice cream from @johngs
A swanky and easy-to-make ice cream recipe with only 4 ingredients. perfect for serving guests during the summer season.
dark chocolate
medjool dates
condensed milk
double cream
1. break off a piece of the chocolate and finely chop the rest. finely chop 100g of the pitted dates. 2. Chuck the remaining pitted dates into a food processor and blend until they stick together in a ball. add the condensed milk and blitz into a paste. 3. Pour the double cream into a large mixing bowl and whisk into soft peaks. add the date mixture and fold together. chuck in the chopped chocolate and dates and fold together. 4. Transfer the mixture into a non-stick loaf tin, lined with cling film or a tupperware box. pop into the freezer for to set for 6-8 hours or overnight. flip the ice cream out onto a serving plate and grate over the little piece of chocolate you saved, and dive on in
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