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arozcaldo: chicken & ginger porridgearozcaldo: chicken & ginger porridge
A delicious filipino arozcaldo recipe, a comforting chicken and ginger porridge. perfect for a warm and hearty meal.
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filipino sweet bacon (tocino)filipino sweet bacon (tocino)
A delicious homemade tocino recipe, also known as filipino sweet bacon, perfect for breakfast with garlic rice and fried eggs. marinate the pork shoulder in a sweet and savory mixture before frying to golden brown perfection.
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lumpiang baboy (pork spring rolls)lumpiang baboy (pork spring rolls)
A delicious filipino family favourite, these pork spring rolls are perfect for any gathering. crispy, golden brown and packed with flavour, they're served with a tangy dipping sauce.
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happy 4 flavours pancake dayhappy 4 flavours pancake day
Celebrate pancake day with these delicious 4 flavours pancakes. enjoy ube, mango, pandan, and plain pancakes with your favourite toppings!
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filipino fishballs with manang mae's saucefilipino fishballs with manang mae's sauce
A delicious filipino street food recipe featuring fishballs served with a flavorful manang mae's sauce. perfect for satisfying your cravings and sharing with friends and family.
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siopao asado - steamed pork bunssiopao asado - steamed pork buns
A delicious filipino-chinese fusion snack, siopao asado is a steamed pork bun with a rich history. inspired by chinese bao, these buns are perfect for a tasty treat.
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burnt cassava cheesecakeburnt cassava cheesecake
A delicious filipino-inspired burnt cassava cheesecake made with grated cassava, cream cheese, and coconut milk. perfect for dessert lovers and a great addition to any meal.
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inihaw na baboy (filipino pork bbq)inihaw na baboy (filipino pork bbq)
A delicious filipino pork bbq recipe with homemade bbq sauce, perfect for the bbq season. marinate the pork loin in a flavorful mix of soy sauce, cola, sugar, garlic, vinegar, and ground pepper.
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filipino spatchcocked bbq chicken (inasal)filipino spatchcocked bbq chicken (inasal)
A scrumptious filipino bbq chicken recipe with a smokey, peppery, and citrus balance. served with steamy hot rice, garlicy soy & vinegar dip, and atchara (pickled papaya or carrots).
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no churn biscoff ice creamno churn biscoff ice cream
A delicious and easy no churn biscoff ice cream recipe. perfect for a sweet treat with crushed biscoff biscuits as toppings.
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filipino beef empanadasfilipino beef empanadas
A delicious filipino beef empanada recipe perfect for a bank holiday weekend. this versatile dish can be adapted with chicken or made vegetarian.
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filipino empanadasfilipino empanadas
A delicious filipino snack influenced by spanish cuisine, similar to a cornish pasty. enjoy these unique empanadas filled with minced meat, potatoes, and raisins.
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