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shallot tarte tatin with lemony cardamom ricottashallot tarte tatin with lemony cardamom ricotta
A simple yet luxurious shallot tarte tatin with lemony cardamom ricotta, perfect for a fancy appetizer. made with caramelized shallots, ricotta, and a homemade shortcrust.
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suo yi cucumber saladsuo yi cucumber salad
A traditional chinese cold dish with a unique slicing technique that creates tender, crunchy layers. served with a splash of sizzling chili oil for an aromatic and divine experience.
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parmesan cream cheese delightparmesan cream cheese delight
A delicious and simple parmesan cream cheese dish. perfect for a quick and tasty snack or appetizer.
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garlic bread cream cheese disksgarlic bread cream cheese disks
Inspired by a korean garlic bread recipe, these uncrustable-style disks are a game-changing appetizer. enjoy the delicious combination of garlic butter and cream cheese in every bite.
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