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layered apple protein cakelayered apple protein cake
A delicious and nutritious layered apple cake with a custard-like texture, perfect for breakfast or a sweet treat. made with whole apples, protein powder, and a touch of honey and cinnamon.
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pistachio oatmeal delightpistachio oatmeal delight
A delicious and healthy pistachio oatmeal breakfast treat. perfect for meal prep and a great start to your day.
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viral cookie baked oatmealviral cookie baked oatmeal
A single-serving, healthy baked oatmeal that tastes like cake, sweetened with banana. easy to make and perfect for a delicious breakfast or snack.
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overnight chia seeds with almond milkovernight chia seeds with almond milk
A healthy and easy breakfast recipe with chia seeds, almond milk, and fresh fruits. prepare it overnight and enjoy a nutritious meal in the morning.
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