layered apple protein cake from @emthenutritionist
A delicious and nutritious layered apple cake with a custard-like texture, perfect for breakfast or a sweet treat. made with whole apples, protein powder, and a touch of honey and cinnamon.
extra virgin olive oil
vanilla extract
plain flour
vanilla protein powder
sweet cinnamon
baking powder
sweet apples
1. whisk all the batter ingredients together minus the baking powder until smooth. set to one side. 2. Using a mandolin or the slicer side of a grater, core and thinly slice the apples. they have got to be super thin for this recipe to work. 3. Add the baking power to the batter, fold trough the apples and in layers, tip and press into a 2l loaf tin. pour on the remaining batter to the top of the loaf pan and pat down. 4. Bake at 160c fan for 50 minutes until golden brown (watch it doesn’t burn) and then leave to rest for 15 minutes before turning out and cooling further on a wire rack. 5. Store in the fridge, then when ready to serve, take a slice and warm in a pan on either side until caramelised and serve with yoghurt. will store for 5 days.
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