the perfect scotch egg from @notorious_foodie
A golden, crispy scotch egg with a gooey centre, featuring a rich sausage casing and a touch of caviar. perfect for dinner parties or a delicious homemade treat.
parsley, thyme, and sage
caramelised onion
smoked bacon
large eggs
vegetable oil
creme fraîche
1. grab your favourite sausages and remove the casing - you want ~90-100g of meat per egg. i used 700g here 2. To the bowl, add 1-2tsp of chopped parsley, thyme and sage, followed by 1 caramelised onion (see previous video for method), a bunch of crispy smoked bacon and some grated nutmeg 3. Mix together and season with sea salt + pepp, then set aside 4. Carefully add your large eggs to boiling water and cook for exactly 6 mins 15 seconds, then place into ice water to cool 5. Remove the shells by running under cold water, then gently wrap and seal the eggs in the sausage mixture and leave to set in the fridge for 30 mins - don’t go too thick with the sausage layer - you want it fairly thin and even 6. Bread your eggs by first dusting in flour, then coating on beaten egg, then rolling into panko 7. Heat veg oil to 350f, then place in your eggs two at a time - fry for ~4-5 mins till golden and crispy 8. Slice in half once all the eggs are fried to reveal their perfectly gooey centre 9. Serve on a plate with some creme fraîche and top with a lovely dollop of caviar and chives - i used some royal beluski caviar from @exmoorcaviar here, one of my favourites! semi-firm pearls of umami with a buttery smooth finish
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