basque burnt cheesecake from @classy_eaterr
A delicious basque burnt cheesecake with a dark burnt surface. enjoy this creamy and rich dessert after chilling in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
cream cheese
heavy cream
egg yolks
lemon juice
1. line a tin with baking paper. preheat the oven to 450°f. 2. Press down the cream cheese with a spatula and make it soft. 3. Add sugar and combine together until the sugar granules disappear. 4. Crack eggs and egg yolk in another bowl and whisk well. slowly and gradually add the beaten egg 3 separate times. do not add the egg until the batter is smooth and with no lumps. 5. Add lemon juice and mix until it’s all combined. the texture is like mayonnaise. 6. Add heavy cream and mix until it’s all combined. 7. Pour the batter into prepared pan in one go (avoid stop-and-go). 8. Tap the pan on the countertop a few times. 9. Bake at 430°f for 20~25 minutes. (bake at 450°f if you want a dark burnt surface.) 10. Let the cheesecake cool in the pan on a wire rack until it reaches room temperature. then chill in the refrigerator over 12 hours. 11. Remove the cheesecake from the cake pan and carefully peel back the parchment paper. cover the side of the pan with a warm wet towel to make it easier to remove the cake. you can easily cut the cake using a heated knife.
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