mango and white chocolate yoghurt clusters from @georginaelizat
These viral yoghurt clusters are made even better with mango and white chocolate. they are easy to make and taste ridiculously good!
plain yoghurt
white chocolate
super ripe mango
coconut oil
dessicated coconut
Cut the mango up into little chunks In a bowl, combine the yoghurt and mango Spoon with the mixture onto a freezable tray, in little clusters Freeze for 1.5 hours When ready, melt the white chocolate and add the coconut oil. combine together Take the clusters out of the freezer and dip each cluster into the white chocolate, ensuring it is all covered As soon as you have dunked it in the chocolate, add an equal amount of the desiccated coconut on top Refreeze for 15 minutes and then enjoy! you can just leave them in the freezer for longer if you want too. enjoy!
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