chicken crust caesar salad pizza from @kaalapowers_fit
A delicious and viral chicken crust caesar salad pizza recipe with homemade dressing. high in protein, low in fat, and perfect for easy meal prep.
lean ground chicken
parmesan cheese
romaine lettuce
cottage cheese
milk of choice
worcestershire sauce or capers with juice
distilled white vinegar
dijon mustard
lemon or lemon juice
salt, garlic / onion powder & italian seasoning
1. set oven to 425°. mix your ground chicken and ingredients in the video. mix well and transfer to a lined sheet tray. flatten out as much as possible. i used another sheet of parchment paper to help. bake for 25-35 minutes. once you reach around the 20 minute mark, keep an eye on it! you’ll notice the color change. 2. While baking, make your caesar dressing by blending cottage cheese, garlic powder, salt, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, distilled white vinegar, parmesan cheese and if too thick, milk *. chop some romaine lettuce and add a few tablespoons of your cesar dressing to your lettuce. mix it upppp. once the pizza comes out add the rest of the dressing to the top and then add your pre-dressed lettuce. you can also add shaved parmesan cheese.
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