around the world in 80 cakes – american brooklyn blackout cake from @rubybhogal
A delicious chocolate cake combining chocolate, custard, and cake. this moist chocolate sponge is topped with chocolate pudding and smothered in chocolate frosting.
plain flour
potato starch
baking powder
black dutch processed cocoa powder
light brown sugar
sea salt
large eggs
vanilla bean paste
buttermilk/natural yoghurt
vegetable oil
fresh coffee
cocoa powder
double cream
large eggs, yolks only
whole milk
light brown sugar
sea salt
milk chocolate, chunks
vanilla bean paste
salted butter, room temp
unsalted butter, room temp
cream cheese, room temp
black dutch cocoa powder, sifted
icing sugar, sifted
whole milk, warm
vanilla bean paste
golden syrup, optional
1. prepare the sponge by combining the sifted plain flour, potato starch, baking powder, black dutch processed cocoa powder, light brown sugar, and a pinch of sea salt. add in the large eggs, vanilla bean paste, buttermilk/natural yoghurt, vegetable oil, and fresh coffee. 2. For the chocolate pudding, mix together the cocoa powder, sifted cornflour/starch, double cream, beaten egg yolks, whole milk, light brown sugar, a pinch of sea salt, milk chocolate chunks, and vanilla bean paste. 3. Prepare the chocolate frosting by combining the room temperature salted butter, unsalted butter, cream cheese, sifted black dutch cocoa powder, sifted icing sugar, warm whole milk, vanilla bean paste, and optional golden syrup.
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