air fryer protein breakfast brownie from @proteinrecipesdaily
A delicious and healthy protein-packed breakfast brownie made in an air fryer. this recipe yields two brownies with a total of 354 calories, 44g carbs, 6g fat, 33g protein, and 9g fiber.
canned pumpkin
vegan chocolate protein powder
brownie batter protein cookie butter powder
black cocoa powder
egg whites
unsweetened vanilla almond milk
zero sweetener
baking soda
1️⃣ add all your dry ingredients into your blender and blend until it forms a fine powder. then add your wet ingredients and blend till smooth. 2️⃣ spray your 10oz ramekins with non-stick cooking spray and then add your batter evenly to both. pro tip, add 5g mini chocolate chips to the middle of the brownie and 5g on top if you want even more chocolate! i didn’t add macros just to make it easier to track. 3️⃣ preheat the air fryer at 275 degrees f. then once preheated, add ramekins to the air fryer and cook for 20 minutes. 4️⃣ once done, let sit in the ramekin for an hour to let set. then you can enjoy it hand held 1/2lb brownie! enjoy!
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